Services and Outreach

The Department of Entomology provides many different ways to learn more about the world of insects; Arkansas' largest insect collection, clubs, an insect fest, insect identification, and traveling outreach programs. Additionally, there are several extension programs available in apiculture (beekeeping), field crops and fruit, nut, and vegetable insect pest management, insect control in animals, and urban pest management (structural and turf.)   

U of A Division of Agriculture Extension entomologists offer their specific expertise to farmers, ranchers, gardeners, homeowners, and more. 

 The University of Arkansas Arthropod Museum houses the largest research and reference collection of insects and other arthropods in the State of Arkansas.

The Arkansas Entomological Society (AES) was formed in order to foster the science of entomology in the state and to enhance communication among those interested in entomology.

Membership is open to all individuals who are interested in the study of insects and related arthropods and is not limited to residents of Arkansas. 

The Educational Resources page offers general scientific information about insects and helpful links to additional information.

University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture crop IPM extension faculty members partner with research scientists and county agents to develop and deliver needed field crop pest management information to growers, consultants, and industry representatives. IPM is an essential part of row-crop production, helping producers farm more efficiently and reduce reliance on pesticides. 

Fire ant pest management is a specific problem in Arkansas getting expert attention. Imported fire ants (IFA) were accidentally introduced into the United States from South America about 70 years ago and the first documented infestation of these ants in Arkansas was in El Dorado in 1958.

Blackberry, blueberry, grape, peach, pecan, and strawberry crops are a significant part of Arkansas' agricultural economy. Fruit, nut, and vegetable pest management information is provided by U of A Division of Agriculture IPM extension faculty members.

Insects along with mites and ticks (arachnids) are all too familiar to livestock and poultry producers as well as pet and companion animal owners. Just like pests of agronomic crops, insect control in animals is best managed using integrated pest management. 

The next Insect Festival of Arkansas will be October 11, 2018, at the Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  

View pictures from past festivals at

Insect Identification is typically free and can be done with submitted high-quality photographs of the found insect(s). 

The Isely-Baerg Entomology Club is a registered student organization (RSO). 

Celebrating pollinators in the Natural State. Resources so that you can help out our pollinator friends during pollinator week and all-year round.

Elementary school classrooms, homeschool, and library groups among others have experienced entomology through traveling educational presentations that highlight the diversity of the insect world and give children the chance to interact with live insects and learn the basics of entomology. Email to schedule a presentation.

Do you have issues with bugs in your home or office? Urban pest management involves the study and control of arthropods that affect people, animals, and plants in the human environment. It is not restricted to insects found only in cities and smaller communities but includes a much broader area involving insects and other arthropods associated with the peoples’ surroundings.