Grad Students


hand drawn insect nondescript    Roshani Sharma Acharya | Acharya CV | Advisor: Neel Joshi

Aaron Cato     Aaron Cato | Cato CV | Advisor: Gus Lorenz

Field Crop Entomology

Aaron is working to better understand the rice stink bug, Oebalus pugnax, and the damage it is capable of causing a variety of crops commonly grown in Arkansas, and also how to more efficiently sample for this pest in rice.

Dylan Cleary       Dylan Cleary | Cleary CV | Advisor: Allen Szalanski

Insect Genetics Lab

Dylan is using molecular diagnostics to detect the presence of various parasites and pathogens of honey bees in samples from Arkansas and Oklahoma. Specifically, she is detecting for Nosema apis, Nosema ceranae, Spiroplasma melliferum, Spiroplasma apis, Crithidia mellificae, Lotmaria passim, and Varroa destructor.

Beth Ferguson Beth Ferguson | Ferguson CV | Advisor: Rob Wiedenmann 

Hillary Fischer         Hillary Fischer | Fischer CV | Advisor: Fiona Goggin

kdgarner1  Krista Garner | Garner CV | Advisor: Ashley Dowling

hand drawn insect nondescript       Austin Jones | Jones CV | Advisor: Ashley Dowling

hand drawn insect nondescript     Whitney Nelson | Nelson CV | Advisor: Ashley Dowling

Acari Phylogenetics and Systematics

Whitney is working on a monograph for North American species in the genus Monatractides (Torrenticolidae). 

Alexis Hilario Perez    Alexis Hilario-Perez |Hilario-Perez CV | Advisor: Ashley Dowling

Stephen Robertson    Stephen Robertson Robertson CV | Advisor: Ashley Dowling

 Nocturnal Moth Pollinators in Fruit Production

Stephen is working to identify the role of nocturnal moth pollinators in fruit production. This group of pollinators is virtually unexplored in agriculture, and Stephen hopes to provide some insight into this system.

hand drawn insect nondescript       Janithri Wickramanayake | Wickramanayake CV | Advisor: Fiona Goggin 

Jon Zawislak      Jon Zawislak | Zawislak CV | Advisor: Neel Joshi

Honey Bee Health

Jon investigates the effects of agricultural chemicals on honey bee health.  



Joseph Belsky     Joseph Belsky | Belsky CV | Advisor: Neelendra Joshi

hand drawn insect nondescript       Austin Goldsmith | Goldsmith CV | Advisor: Kelly Loftin

Rose Knipp   Rosalee Knipp | Knipp CV | Advisor: Donald Steinkraus

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Rosalee works with an invasive fruit fly pest spotted wing drosophila (SWD), (Drosophila suzukii) to better understand how and where they are overwintering in Arkansas. She is also working to see if an entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana can be used to help control this pest. 

hand drawn insect nondescript        Jessica LeFors | LeFors CV | Advisor: Donn Johnson

Layton McCullars      Layton McCullars | McCullars CV | Advisor: Gus Lorenz

Fall Armyworm in Rice

Layton is working with the Fall armyworm in rice to evaluate the damage caused at different growth stages and also trying to developing a threshold for farmers and consultants to use around Arkansas. 

hand drawn insect nondescript         Clint Trammel | Trammel CV | Advisor: Allen Szalanski

Mary Kate Williams        MaryKate Williams | Williams CV | Advisor: Allen Szalanski

Honey Bee Trypanosomes

MaryKate studies honey bee trypanosomes from managed and feral honey bee populations in the United States using molecular techniques. One goal of her thesis is to determine the prevalence of Crithidia mellificae and Lotmaria passim. In a future study she plans to determine pathogen longevity and an infectious dose of trypanosomes for honey bees.