Stilt bugs


Number 115 ; April 22, 2015 ; Jeffrey K. Barnes



Spined stilt bugSpined Stilt Bug

Order: Hemiptera
Family: Berytidae
Genus and species: Jalysus spinosus (Say)


Stilt bugs are delicate, slender, and elongate, and they have long, slender legs and antennae. The antennal have a characteristic apical club. The spined stilt bug is one of the most common species in the eastern United States. Its range extends west to the Great Plains.This species damages corn, peach, and tomato crops, and it sometimes breeds on ornamental gourds of the genus Lagenaria. Other food plants include Oenothera, Guara, and Panicum. It has been shown that J. spinosus is in part predatory, with survival much higher when animal food is available. A closely related species, Jalysus wikhami, is often confused with the spined stilt bug. The two species are distinguished only by the shape of the male genitalia.