Dark flower scarab


Number 85 ; April 12, 2011 ; Jeffrey K. Barnes


Dark flower scarab (Spangled flower beetle)

Order: Coleoptera
Family: ScarabaeidaeEuphoria sepulcralis
Genus and species: Euphoria sepulcralis (Fabricius)
Euphoria sepulcralis is a day-flying scarab beetle from the eastern United States. Adults are often found in association with flowers, apparently feeding on pollen. They are also associated with fermenting sap and ripe or decaying fruit. There is usually little cause for concern, although the species occasionally damages corn, roses, or fruit trees flowers.

Adults are about half an inch long, dark metallic bronze and green. The elytra are ridged and beset with many tiny depressions and scattered white markings. This species has a one year life cycle. Larvae pupate in the summer, and adults fly in late summer and early autumn, and again in spring.