Camel Cricket


Number 4 ; 2002 ; Jeffrey K. Barnes


Camel cricket

Order: Orthoptera
Family: Rhaphidophoridae
Genus and species: Ceuthophilus spp.

camel cricketCamel crickets get their common name from their arched, tan bodies. Adults are wingless and up to 1 ½" long. The antennae are very long and fragile, and the long hind legs with enlarged femora give them the ability to Camel cricket outsidejump strongly. These crickets usually occur in humid, concealed areas, and they are active mostly at night, hiding during the day under logs, rocks, and leaf litter. They are incidental pests around the home, sometimes harboring in large numbers in crawl spaces, garages, storage rooms, wells, and sewers. They move into buildings to escape winter cold or hot, dry conditions in the summer. Camel crickets have been known to damage stored fabrics.






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