SURF Grant Recipient

lauren wood

Lauren Wood

was inadvertently omitted from a list in "Bumpers College News" on Jan. 31 of five students awarded Student Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) for 2010-2011 research projects in Bumpers College. The fellowships are awarded by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

Lauren Wood, the daughter of Paul and Linda Wood, of Cove (Polk County), is a junior majoring in biology. Her project, "The Effects of High Plant Vitamin C Content on Insect Herbivory," will contribute to a collaborative research project between her mentor, Fiona Goggin, associate professor of entomology, and Argelia Lorence, associate professor of metabolic engineering at Arkansas State University. This project aims to increase vitamin C accumulation in food crops for nutritional enhancement and to explore how vitamin C influences plant resistance to biotic stresses such as insect damage.