2011 Student Awards

Carey Minteer

won the President's Prize for best presentation by a Ph.D. student on Plant-Insect Ecosystems at ESA in Reno. Her presentation was titled "Determining the efficacy of Larinus minutus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in reducing spotted knapweed populations in Arkansas." Carey received a one-year free membership in ESA, A $70 cash prize and a certificate of achievement.

Michael Skvarla

won the "Outstanding Student Presentation Award" for the acarology society of America. He received a plaque and $250. The title of his talk was "A preliminary phylogeny of Cunaxidae (Acari: Bdelloidea)".

Soo-Hoon (Sam) Kim

was awarded second place for his Ph.D. presentation " Alternative monitoring and control tactics for rednecked cane borer, Agrilus ruficollis, in blackberries" at the Arkansas Crop Protection Association in Fayetteville, AR in November 2011.