Entomology Debate Team wins national debate

The Department of Entomology's Student Debate team (Ace Lynn-Miller, Kevin Durden, Jessica Hartshorn, Bryan Petty and Amber Tripodi) defeated the University of Georgia at the national Entomological Society of America's annual meeting in Reno, NV this past week by unanimous decision. They successfully supported their position that "Organic Agriculture Will Solve Projected Food and Water Limitations of the American Society". This topic and the position they assumed (Pro) were randomly assigned. The debate required submission of written materials (a summary which will later be published, complete bibliography and their PowerPoint presentation) in addition to a formal debate held at the national meeting. Six teams from Universities across the country competed in head-to-head matches with 3 different topics.

Dr. Tim Kring was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe the effort of these 5 individuals working toward a common goal over several months. Most impressive was the professional manner with which each of these different individuals dedicated themselves to the task at hand. Tim was envious of their ability to put aside their personal interests for the sake of attaining their collective goal. He contends that he learned far more from them than any support he provided as their coach.

Their performance and professional conduct provided outstanding representation of our University. Congratulations and thanks to each of the team members!!!