Entomology Graduate Student Wins National Award

The Entomological Foundation presented the Kenneth and Barbara Starks Plant Resistance to Insects Graduate Student Research Award to Godshen Pallipparambil at the Entomological Society of America's award ceremony in San Diego Dec. 14.

The national award recognizes significant contribution to the knowledge of plant resistance to insects. Pallipparambil is a doctoral student of Fiona Goggin, associated professor of entomology. His research is titled: Interactions of the Mi-mediated resistance in tomato with the potato aphid, Macrosiphum euphorbiae and zoophytophagous predators, Orius insidiosus and O. pumilio.

Pallipparambil used the electrical penetration graph technique to examine the impact of resistance on aphid feeding behavior and to analyze how the feeding behavior of resistance-breaking aphids differs from that of aphids that are effectively controlled by resistant cultivars. He also investigated the direct effects of Mi-mediated resistance on minute pirate bugs. His research also includes a study to localize Mi-mediated resistance in plant tissue using techniques like laser capture microdissection and in situ RT PCR.