Research and Extension

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Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity

The study of insect anatomy, classification, and history focusing on systematics,evolution, and biodiversity. Additionally includes morphology, ecology, population dynamics, genetics, phylogeny, nomenclature, biogeography, zoology, and other specialties.

Ashley Dowling | arthropods in natural systems

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Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology

The study of insects at the cellular or molecular levels including biochemistry, microbiology, toxicology, endocrinology, cytology, molecular biology, allelo chemicals, pheromones, hormones, metabolism, and others.

Fiona Goggin | host-plant resistance to insects and nematodes

Allen Szalanski | molecular diagnostics: economically important arthropods

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Medical, Urban, and Veterinary

Insects that affect humans, domestic and wild animals, and our urban environment including medical entomology,urban entomology,veterinary entomology, forensic entomology, epidemiology, integrated disease management, human and veterinary parasitology, public health pest management, mosquito control, management ofstructural pestslike termites, ants, and others.

John Hopkins | urban pests: structural and turf

Kelly Loftin | veterinary and medical: livestock, poultry, forage pests, and medically important arthropods; imported fire ant management 

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Plant-Insect Ecosystems

Behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary relationships in natural landscapes, as well as integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture, horticulture, forests, and lawn and garden. Additionally includes aspects of crop protection, host-plant response, plant pathology/vectors, pollinationbiological control and microbial control.

Nick Bateman | IPM rice and other Grand Prairie crops

Fiona Goggin | host-plant resistance to insects and nematodes

Donn Johnson | insect behavior and pest management in fruit and nut crops

Neel Joshi | pollinators: pesticide toxicology, native pollinator conservation

Gus Lorenz | IPM major row crops: rice, cotton, and soybeans

Glenn Studebaker | IPM coordinator row crops

Fred Stephen | forest ecology

Don Steinkraus | biological control in IPM for row crops, veterinary, turf, and fruit

Robert Wiedenmann | biological control in IPM for insects and weeds

Jon Zawislak | pollination: honey bee education and management