Plant-Insect Ecosystems

Donn Johnson

Dr. Donn Johnson conducts research and extension training on insect behavior, sampling, and alternative management tactics for arthropod pests of fruit and pecan.

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Current Research and Extension Projects:

  • Development and implementation of systems-based organic management strategies of spotted wing drosophila (USDA/NIFA/OREI)
  • Impact of mineral particle film on blackberry diseases and insects, and primocane fruit quality and yield (USDA/NIFA/SSARE)
  • High tunnel grape production systems: a novel sustainable approach to growing grapes (USDA/NIFA/SSARE)
  • Broad mite biology and management on blackberries (Driscoll’s Inc)
  • Teaching Insect Pest Management and Insect Behavior and chemical ecology
  • Collaborate with Dr. Jackie Lee (Extension Horticulture IPM Specialist) and Dr. Amanda McWhirt (Extension Horticulture Specialist) to disseminate fruit production information

Surround whitewashed plots of primocane blackberries in Fayetteville

Predatory mites may biologically control broad mites in high tunnel

Japanese beetle damage of grapes

Broad mite damaged blackberry terminal

Sachet releasing predatory mites for biological control of broad mites

Male broad mite carrying immature female

Primocane Blackberry Planting in New Boston, TX

Broad mite spotted eggs