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Why Pursue Graduate Studies in Entomology?

Studying entomology prepares you for a career that can take you any direction you choose, and our Department at the University of Arkansas offers you the ideal starting point for that career.

If basic science and discovery are to your liking, insects are fascinating and very appropriate model organisms for studying molecular biology, physiological processes, ecosystem functions, community ecology, and evolution. 

If you are interested in applied ecology, managing insects is a full-time job for countless entomologists working in agriculture, disease epidemiology, forestry, and even the military.

Dr. Perry L. Adkisson, former Head of the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University and former Chancellor at A&M, is said to have answered the question of why someone should study entomology rather than biology, by stating, “An entomologist is a biologist with a job.” Whether an apocryphal or accurate answer, we tout it to potential students.

Our graduates have numerous opportunities for careers either directly involved in entomology or using their education and training in related fields like food safety, human health, veterinary biology. Our graduates have worked in academic positions, industry, military and government, in laboratory settings, biotechnology sales and much more.

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