Graduate Handbook-University Policies and Procedures

Building Hours

- Generally, buildings are locked at the end of each work day. Offices and laboratories should be locked when not in use and remain locked during weekends and holidays. The general work day is from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. with a 30-minute lunch break.


Student Insurance

- Graduate research assistants are considered students and qualify for student insurance.

Work-Related Injuries

- In order for work-related injuries to be covered by Workers' Compensation, it is important that the procedures outlined in Appendix D be strictly observed.

Traffic Regulations

- The Department of Transit and Parking is responsible for parking and traffic on campus. All students who plan to park on campus must register their cars at the Administrative Services Building on Razorback Rd. 575-PARK (7275). Permits are required before parking is allowed.

Transit On Campus/Off Campus

- The University operates several off-campus bus routes, including a route to the Experiment Station. Route maps and schedules may be obtained at Administrative Services on Razorback Rd. 575-PARK (7275).

University Library (Mullins)

- The University Library maintains a staff of reference personnel trained to conduct or assist with computer searches of the scientific literature. Free computer searches may be made in the circulation area. A reference librarian will assist with literature searches, etc. Library hours change from time to time for exams, holidays, summer, etc.


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