Graduate Handbook - Departmental Policies and/or Procedures

Financial Aid

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) (half time).

Graduate research assistantships are available to outstanding students. Graduate research assistants are required to enroll for a minimum of six hours of graduate coursework per academic semester and three hours for summer session for the 12-week summer term. Graduate research assistants may register for a maximum of 12 hours/semester without special approval. Registration for more than 12 hours is possible but requires prior approval by the Department Head and Graduate Dean.

Departmental minimal requirements for renewal of assistantships (GRA, GTA) are a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and 3.25 for M.S. and Ph.D. students respectively. Students failing to meet these requirements will not be reappointed. Appointment to assistantships is limited to four semesters (2 yrs.) and eight semesters (4 yrs.) for M.S. and Ph.D. students respectively.

Special Programs

Graduate students are eligible for various kinds of support through federally funded programs. Applications may be secured from and questions directed to the Student Aid Office, Hunt Hall, (575-3806).

Word Processing

The office staff will process travel authorizations, personnel forms, leave reports, key cards, etc.


Photocopy equipment is available in the Entomology department office, Cralley-Warren Research Laboratory (AREC) at the farm, Mullins Library and the Copy Intake Window in ARKU 105 (Union).

Mail Services

Outgoing U.S. and Foreign Mail is metered through the US Postal Service.  Mail arrives at approximately 10:30 am Tuesday through Friday and 2:30 pm Monday through Friday and will be placed in mailboxes.


Student mailboxes are located in the departmental office, AGRI 320.

Telephone Usage

All long distance calls require a five digit authorization number which can be obtained from your advisor. To make a long distance phone call dial 9 followed by a 1, the area code, and the number being called, wait for a beeping tone then enter the five digit authorization number. This authorization number is to be used only for work-related calls.


Travel Authorization Forms (Appendix C ) are available in the main office and must be completed and approved through administrative channels before the trip is taken. A "blanket" travel may be established to cover frequent IN-STATE TRAVEL so that authorization need not be specifically obtained for each trip (except for approval of your supervisor). All out-of-state travel authorizations must be in the accountant's office at least one month before the trip. In-state travel authorization requests should be filed ten days before the date of departure. Upon completion of the trip, a Travel Expense Statement (Appendix C ) is submitted to the departmental accounting office for processing. After the statement is processed, it is signed by the traveler and submitted for payment. Reimbursement is usually received within 2 weeks. A travel advance (90% of the request for students, 50% for faculty & staff) may be obtained for non-blanket travel. The advance must be requested as part of the travel authorization before the trip is taken. There are no advances on blanket travel. If an advance is needed for an in-state trip, a separate authorization for the specific trip (including the advance request) must be filed two weeks before the date of departure. The travel advance check will be direct deposited or it may be picked up at the Cashier's window in the Student Union Building.   All overages on travel advances issued through the cashier's office must be repaid within 30 days. If overages are not settled promptly the treasurer's office will deduct the amount due from your paycheck. Any employee who has two payroll deductions for travel advances in any two-year period will not be eligible for additional advances for a period of two years after the last delinquent advance is paid in full.

Departmental Vehicles

Individual faculty members have vehicles assigned for use in their research programs along with a pool of vehicles maintained by the department. Pooled vehicles are available to check out for research and meetings with as much advance notice as possible. (Your major advisor must approve use of individual or pooled vehicles). Mileage is charged to individual faculty members accounts for vehicle usage. Departmental vehicles cannot be used for personal business. Family members, friends, etc. are not authorized to ride in university vehicles. If you use your personal vehicle for business travel, you may be reimbursed for mileage. However, use of your personal vehicle must be approved by your major advisor or the Department Head prior to the trip. University vehicles should be locked when not in use and remain locked on weekends and holidays.

All pooled vehicles must be checked out with the Administrative staff. If you check out a vehicle and decide that you do not need it make sure to let the departmental staff know. When you check out a pooled vehicle you receive a binder that has the keys, insurance information and gas cards along with instructions and a log sheet to fill out with each use. The log needs to be filled out completely before being turned back into the office and the vehicle should have a full tank of gas and be clean.


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