Pest Management Minor

Pest Management Minor

The Pest Management minor is designed to give students a general knowledge of the principles of managing insect, disease and weed pests in a variety of situations, and a firm understanding of the environmental consequences of pest control decisions. Individuals who complete this curriculum will be well prepared for careers that require an understanding of the management of pests as an important aspect, but not the main focus, of their responsibilities.

Careers in which the Pest Management minor will be beneficial include, but are not limited to:

  • Managers of college or university physical plants or public school grounds
  • Managers of Lawn and Garden Centers
  • Managers of Resort/hotel grounds/maintenance
  • Landscape installation or maintenance Professionals
  • Directors/managers of city, state, or national parks and recreational areas
  • Directors/managers of highway rights-of-way, airports, and military bases
  • Directors/managers of Governmental agencies that deal with regulation or management of pesticides
  • Sales representatives for companies supplying pesticides, fertilizers or equipment
  • Golf course superintendents
  • County extension agents
  • High school agricultural teachers or coaches
  • Professionals interested in Environmental Sciences Careers
  • Owners or managers of farming and ranching enterprises
  • Professionals interested in agronomic or horticultural crop production
  • Owners or managers with interests in pasture or forage production

The Pest Management minor

will not provide in-depth training and experience in all areas of pest management, and is designed to give students a general familiarity with the principles of pest management. Students who desire careers in which the primary focus will be management of insect, disease, and weed pests, such as private crop consultants, farm advisors, or agri-chemical technical or sales representatives or want to pursue advanced degrees in any of the pest-related disciplines are advised to enroll in or discuss the Pest Management Major by contacting

Craig Rothrock, Program Coordinator,
206 Plant Science Building



All faculty in the Department of Plant Pathology, Entomology, and the discipline of Weed Science in the Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences are faculty in the discipline of Pest Management


Students interested in this area of study should consult the program coordinator. The course work is listed in the department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences.

Requirements for a Minor in Pest Management (PMGT-M)

Students interested in a minor in Pest Management must declare their intention to the program coordinator. A minor in Pest Management consists of 19-20 hours to include the following:


Required Courses:

  • ENTO 3013 Introduction to Entomology
  • PLPA 3004 Principles of Plant Pathology

Select four (4) courses from the following:

  • CSES 2003 Introduction to Weed Science (Irr, CSES 1203 or CSES 2103, or HORT 2003)
  • CSES 4133 Weed ID, Morphology and Ecology
  • CSES 4143 Principles of Weed Control


  • ENTO 4123 Insect Pest Management (SP odd, ENTO 3013)
  • ENTO 4133 Advanced Applied Entomology (SP even, ENTO 3013)


  • PLPA 4223 Plant Disease Control (FA, PLPA 3004)
  • PLPA 4304 Applied Plant Disease Management (Irr, PLPA 3004 or instructor consent)