Entomology Minor

Entomology Minor

Entomology is the branch of science concerned with the study of insects and related organisms. It involves studies of their biology, structure, identification, economic significance, and population management. The major emphasis of the curriculum is understanding insect biology and applying that knowledge in an integrated approach to insect-pest management.

Entomology is a graduate degree at the University of Arkansas. Undergraduate students interested in entomology can pursue a minor in entomology or pest management. For students interested in the Pest Management minor: visit Pest Management (PMGT)  for more information.

Faculty in Entomology

  • University Professor Stephen
  • Professors Goggin, Johnson (D.T.), Lorenz, Steinkraus, Szalanski, Teague, Wiedenmann
  • Adjunct Professors DeMark, Guldin, Mizell, Giles
  • Associate Professor Dowling, Hopkins, Loftin, McKay, Studebaker
  • Assistant Professor Seiter
  • Extension Apiculturist Zawislak  

Requirements for a Minor in Entomology (ENTO-M)

The Entomology minor will consist of a minimum of

15 semester hours

to include the following:

Required Courses (7 hours)

  •  ENTO 3013 Introduction to Entomology (FA)* 
  •  ENTO 4024 Insect Diversity and Taxonomy (FA even)

Electives (8 credit hour minimum): 

Choose courses from the following list to complete the 15 hours required.

  • ENTO 4013 Insect Behavior and Chemical Ecology with lab component (SP even) 
  • ENTO 4043 Apiculture with lab component (SP odd)
  • ENTO 4053 Insect Ecology with lab component (FA even)
  • ENTO 4133 Advanced Applied Entomology with lab component (SP even)
  • ENTO 4O0V Special Problems (2 hours)

* requires lab ENTO 3010L