The department admits students for the fall semester. Spring admittance is granted under unforeseen circumstances only. Admissions are competitive. Domestic students should consider submitting all application materials by April 1. 

In addition to University and Graduate School requirements, students must also meet departmental requirements (below) for admission into the program. 

Departmental Requirements:

The department’s graduate program committee reads each letter of recommendation carefully, therefore it is important that the applicants select appropriate writers. Students should choose letter writers who will be able to speak to the applicant’s potential success in the M.S. program. The letters of recommendation should assess the applicant’s strengths, problem-solving skills, motivation, and the likelihood of completing the program.

Successful applicants ask their academic advisors, professors, or a past employer from an internship or job to write their letters of recommendation. The relationship between the applicant and letter writer will be noted by the graduate program committee. Applicants should not ask family members or friends.

In a few days after completing the application for admission, the Graduate School will solicit the names and email addresses of those you choose to write letters of recommendation. Letter writers will then be sent an email from the U of A recognizing they have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for the applicant. They must submit their letters online.

A Statement of Purpose is a 1-2 page statement reviewing your background, your interest in the Entomology Graduate Studies program, and your future career goals. It should include references to past academic/professional experiences, but should primarily focus on the future. You should express why your experiences and interests make you a good fit for our graduate program.

Remember, it is an example of your writing ability

Highlighting experience, education, extracurricular activities, and scholastic honors.

Application Materials due by:

Fall Semester - August 1
Spring Semester - December 1

Fall Semester - April 1
Spring Semester - October 1

Please contact the Graduate Coordinator with any questions.