Seminar Schedule

Fall 2014

Friday, 11:50 A.M., AGRI 332   

Sept. 5                 Jeff Tomberlin, Texas A & M, Behavior of Food Web Dynamics
                                Regulated by Quorum Sensing: New Frontier in Forensic 

Sept. 26                Dr. Goggin, UA Entomology
                                Plants, pests, and bioimaging:  
picturing more resistant crops                                    

Oct. 10                 Chris Dietrich, Illinois
                                Natural History of the Leafhoppers and Treehoppers

Oct. 31                 Susan Weller, Professor of Entomology at University of Minnesota
                               and Director of the Bell Museum of Natural History
                                 The evolution of communication systems in tiger moths 
                                    (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctinnae)

 *****Nov. 6        Michelle Rafter, University of Queensland
                                The grand challenge of grain security:  What do studies
                                    of insect dispersal tell us about the spread and frequency
of phosphine resistance?    
THURSDAY, 9:30 AM in AGRI 316, 
                                            Entomology Conference Room

Nov. 7                   Gary Thompson, 2014 Distinguished Alumnus
                                Innovation and Making Luck -- come learn key techniques
                                    on how 
you can make a difference and how an Arkansas
                                    entomologist made a global impact

ESA is Nov. 16-19th, Portland, Oregon          

Nov. 28                 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 12                 Dead Day











Graduate Students

Entrance Seminars

Sept. 15, 2014
Whitney Nelson, 3 pm, AGRI 316
    "Systematics and population models of North American Monatractides (Hydrachnidiae, 
        Torrenticolidae) and an improved method to standardize"

Sept. 19, 2014
Matt Ethington, 9 AM, AGRI 316
    "Can Monochamus species colonize healthy shortleaf pines in the presence of pheromones
        and host volatiles?"

Derek Hennen, 10 AM, AGRI 316
    "Inventory of Endemic Leaf Litter Arthropods of Arkansas"

Oct. 8, 2014
Joe O'Neill, 8 AM, AGRI 316
    "There and Back Again: An Aspiring Acarologist's Tale"

Exit Seminars

Sept. 12, 2014
Amber Tripodi, 11:50 AM, AGRI 332
    "Population genetics, distributions and phenology of Bombus and Xylocopa"