Seminar Schedule

Spring 2014

Friday, 11:30 am, AGRI 332  

January 31 - Rebeca Rosengaus, Northeastern University

February 7 - Sandford Eigenbrode, University of Idaho
                        "Big Interdisciplinarity:  Entomology within a Large USDA
                             Climate Change Project"

February 14 - Soo-Hoon (Sam) Kim, Arkansas State Plant Board and 
                            Joel Bard, USDA-APHIS
                        "How PPQ and ASOB Determine Whether to Regulate
                             Introduced Plant Pests"

February 21 - Steve Stephenson, Biology
                        "Carrying out Biodiversity Surveys in the Subantarctic"

February 28 - Kier Klepzig, USDA-FS, Asheville, NC
                           "Inseparable?  Symbiotic complexes in biology, ecology
                             and pestilence"

March 14 - Brian Wiegmann, NCSU "Flies in the Tree of Life:  New Insights
                                on Insect History from Phylogenomics"

March 21 - Dave Penrose, Soc. for Wetland Science, "A Brief Introduction
                                to the Ecology of Aquatic Insects and How They are
                                Used in Water Quality Regulations in NC"

March 28 - Spring Break

April 4 - Mary Gardiner, OARDC, "Are vacant lots valuable for arthropod conservation?"

April 11 - Staffan Lindgren, University of Northern British Columbia
                                "How the beetle won the war: A review of the evidence"

April 18 - Vince Jones, Washington State University
                                "How Politicians, perfume, models and technology are 
                                    finally leading to IPM in Western orchards" 

April 25 - Michael Parrella, UC Davis



Exit Seminars

March 7, 2014,  Soo-Hoon (Sam) Kim
    Identifying visual and chemical cues acting 
        as stimulants for rednecked cane borer
11:30 AM in AGRI 316 
(Entomology conference room)

April 8, 2014, Mallory Everett
    Efficacy of Rice Insecticide Seed Treatments at Selected Nitrogen Rates for Control of Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel
9 AM in AGRI 316
(Entomology conference room) 

May 16, 2014, Travis Edwards
11 AM in AGRI 316

Visiting Student Seminar

May 1, 2014, Sebastian Zmudzki
2 PM in AGRI 332