Seminar Schedule

Spring 2015

Friday, 11:30 A.M., AGRI 332   

Jan. 23 - Graduate Student Meeting

Jan. 30 - Raul Medina, Texas A & M
    "Host-Associated Differentiation in Agro-Ecosystems:  Findings and Implications"

Feb. 6 - Dave Gammel, ESA,  luncheon, no seminar 

Feb. 13 - Matt Ginzel, Purdue
    "Chemical communication in the long-horned beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)"

Feb. 20 - Don Parker, Cotton Inc.
    "Policy and Pest Management"  (includes boll weevil eradication, weed resistance
        management, and honey bee health decline)

March 13 - Neel Joshi, Pennsylvania State University
    "Pollinators in Commercial Agroecosystems: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Service, 
        Population Decline and Conservation"

March 20 - Reed Johnson, OSU
    "Honey bees and pesticides: a complicated relationship"


April 10 - Michelle Smith, DOW
    "MYSTERY AND MYTHOLOGY REVEALED: Entomology in the Private Sector"

April 17 - Rodrigo Diaz, LSU
    "Classical Biological control in a modern era:  Lessons from two exotic weeds
        in the United States"






Graduate Students

Entrance Seminars

March 2, 2015
9 AM - Caitlin Race, MS student
    Tracking ground predator movement using a novel 
protein-mark recapture system
  Entomology conference room- AGRI 316

April 1, 2015
1 PM - Jake Bodart, MS student
    Competitive interactions between pine sawyers
        in the Southeast United States
Entomology conference room- AGRI 316

Exit Seminars