Seminar Schedule

Spring 2014

Friday, 11:30 am, AGRI 332  

January 31 - Rebeca Rosengaus, Northeastern University

February 7 - Sandford Eigenbrode, University of Idaho
                        "Big Interdisciplinarity:  Entomology within a Large USDA
                             Climate Change Project"

February 14 - Soo-Hoon (Sam) Kim, Arkansas State Plant Board and 
                            Joel Bard, USDA-APHIS
                        "How PPQ and ASOB Determine Whether to Regulate
                             Introduced Plant Pests"

February 21 - Steve Stephenson, Biology
                        "Carrying out Biodiversity Surveys in the Subantarctic"

February 28 - Kier Klepzig, USDA-FS, Asheville, NC
                           "Inseparable?  Symbiotic complexes in biology, ecology
                             and pestilence"

March 14 - Brian Wiegmann, NCSU "Flies in the Tree of Life:  New Insights
                                on Insect History from Phylogenomics"

March 21 - Dave Penrose, Soc. for Wetland Science, "A Brief Introduction
                                to the Ecology of Aquatic Insects and How They are
                                Used in Water Quality Regulations in NC"

March 28 - Spring Break

April 4 - Mary Gardiner, OARDC, "Are vacant lots valuable for arthropod conservation?"

April 11 - Staffan Lindgren, University of Northern British Columbia
                                "How the beetle won the war: A review of the evidence"

April 18 - Vince Jones, Washington State University
                                "How Politicians, perfume, models and technology are 
                                    finally leading to IPM in Western orchards" 

April 25 - Michael Parrella, UC Davis, "Developing and Implementing 
                                Biological Control in Greenhouses with a focus on Floriculture"

MAY 1, 2014 - Nicholas Seiter, Clemson University, "Impact and Management of the "Kudzu Bug," Megacopta cribraria, in Soybean"  Dr. Seiter is a candidate for a faculty position in Entomology at Monticello.




Entrance Seminars

April 28, 2014, Ricki Hamilton
    Arthropods at the Four Seasons Hotel: the correlation between seasonality and diversity of arthropod communities in leaf litter
9 AM in AGRI 316
(Entomology conference room)

Exit Seminars

March 7, 2014,  Soo-Hoon (Sam) Kim
    Identifying visual and chemical cues acting 
        as stimulants for rednecked cane borer
11:30 AM in AGRI 316 
(Entomology conference room)

April 8, 2014, Mallory Everett
    Efficacy of Rice Insecticide Seed Treatments at Selected Nitrogen Rates for Control of Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel
9 AM in AGRI 316
(Entomology conference room) 

May 16, 2014, Travis Edwards
11 AM in AGRI 316

Visiting Student Seminar

May 1, 2014, Sebastian Zmudzki
Adaptations to metals in invertebrates.  Study on flour beetle Tribolium castaneum
2 PM in AGRI 332